SALUS is a reaction-wheel based stability system designed to mitigate spin during helicopter hoist operations. SALUS sought to ensure “stability on the rise”. Acquired by Vita Inclinata in 2020.

AURA is a computer vision based training tool that scans instrument cockpits for aircraft data, then visualizes that data in a task-specific manner on pilot kneeboards in real-time. AURA seeks to ensure “efficient flight training, additionally capable pilots, and safer skies”.


Joshua Barnett, CEO, Engineer

Joshua Barnett is a Mechanical Engineering PhD student at Stanford University and received his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University in 2020 and a BS in Physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2018. Joshua was also a founder and engineer at SALUS, a helicopter hoist load stabilization system company he and Mahdi founded in 2018 that was ultimately acquired by Vita Inclinata in 2020. Joshua has performed extensive research in data-driven modeling techniques. Joshua is CEO of Aura Training Systems and is
primarily focused on the development of the computer vision and machine learning pipeline.

Mahdi Al-Husseini, CTO, Engineer

Mahdi Al-Husseini is an Aeronautics/Astronautics MS student at Stanford University and an active-duty aeromedical evacuations officer and helicopter pilot stationed at Wheeler AAF, HI. Mahdi received his MS in computer science with a specialty in artificial intelligence from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2020, and his BS in biomedical engineering also from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2018. Mahdi is a registered patent agent with more than 20 patents and patent applications, and has successfully completed the PE exam in electrical engineering. His technical specialties include CAD, controls, computer vision tools and techniques, circuit board design, flight-testing, and technical writing.


josh@abengineering.com, mahdi@abengineering.com